Private Die Proprietaries
(The "Match and Medicine Stamps")
Alphabetic by Company

Civil War
Medicine Companies

Anglo-American Drug Co.
J.C. Ayer & Co.
Barham Pile Cure Co.
Demas Barnes
Demas Barnes & Co.
D.S. Barnes
T.H. Barr & Co.
Barry's Proprietary
Barry's Tricopherous
D.M. Bennett
W.T. Blow
B. Brandreth
Dr. C.F. Brown
Fred Brown Medicine Co.
John I. Brown & Son
Dr. John Bull
J.S. Burdsal & Co.
Joseph Burnett & Co.

J.W. Campion & Co.
Cannon & Co.
The Centaur Co.
Dr. A.W. Chase, Son & Co.
R.C. & C.S. Clark
Wm. E. Clarke
Collins Bros.
W.H. Comstock
Cook & Bernheimer
Charles N. Crittenton
Oliver Crook & Co.
Curtis & Brown
Curtis & Brown Mfg. Co.
Jeremiah Curtis & Son
Dalley's Horse Salve
Dalley's Pain Extractor
Perry Davis & Son
P.H. Drake & Co.

B.A. Fahnestock
The Father Mathew Temperance
      & Manufacturing Co.
A.H. Flanders
Fleming Bros.
Seth W. Fowle & Son
G.G. Green
Reuben P. Hall & Co.
Hall & Ruckel
Dr. Harter
Dr. Harter & Co.
S.B. Hartman & Co.
E.T. Hazeltine
E.H. (Edward Heaton)
A.L. Helmbold
John F. Henry
Herrick's Pills
Herrick's Pills & Plasters

J.E. Hetherington
Hiscox & Co.
Holloway's Pills
Holman Liver Pad Co.
Home Bitters Co.
Hop Bitters Mfg. Co.
Hostetter & Smith
S.D. Howe
C.E. Hull & Co.
T.J. Husband
Hutchings & Hillyer
H.A. Ingham & Co.
James A. Jackson & Co.
Dr. D. Jayne & Son
I.S. Johnson & Co.
Johnston, Holloway & Co.
J.B. Kelly & Co.
B.J. Kendall & Co.
Kennedy & Co.
K & Co. (Kennedy)
Dr. Kennedy
Jas. C. Kerr
Lawrence & Martin
Lee & Osgood
Jacob Lippman & Bro.
Alvah Littlefield
Prof. Low
Lyon Mfg. Co.
Manhattan Medicine Co.
Mansfield & Higbee
S. Mansfield & Co.
T.W. Marsden
J. McCullough
Dr. J.H. McLean
Mercado & Seully
Merchant's Gargling Oil

Mette & Kanne
Mishler Herb Bitters Co.
Moody, Michel & Co.
Dr. C.C. Moore
Morehead's Magnetic Plaster
Morehead's Neurodyne
New York Pharmacal Association
Dr. M. Perl & Co.
R. V. Pierce
Bennett Pieters & Co.
Radway & Co.
D. Ransom & Co.
D. Ransom, Son & Co.
Redding's Russia Salve
Ring's Vegetable Ambrosia
J.B. Rose & Co.
Rumford Chemical Works
A.B. & D. Sands

M., P.J. & H.M. Sands
Scheetz's Bitter Cordial
J.H. Schenck & Son
Schenck's Mandrake Pills
Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup
J.E. Schwartz & Co.
A.L. Scovill & Co.
Seabury & Johnson
Dr. D.H. Seelye & Co.
Dr. S. Brown Sigesmond
Dr. M.A. Simmons, Iuka, Miss.
Dr. M.A. Simmons, St. Louis, Mo.
S.N. Smith & Co.
Dr. E.L. Soule & Co., New York
Dr. E.L. Soule & Co., Syracuse
H.R. Stevens
Jas. Swaim
Wm. Swaim
Dr. G.W. Swett

George Tallcot
Tarrant & Co.
John L. Thompson
U.S. Proprietary Medicine Co.
S.R. Van Duzer
A. Vogeler & Co.
Vogeler, Meyer & Co.
Dr. J. Walker
H.H.W. & Co. (H.H. Warner & Co.)
Weeks & Potter
Wells, Richardson & Co.
West India Manufacturing Co.
Edward Wilder
Rev. E.A. Wilson
Thos. E. Wilson
World's Dispensary Medical Association
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills
J.H. Zeilin & Co.