Bauer & Beudel
New York Match Company

The firm of Bauer & Beudel operated in New York City in the late 1860's. Their stamps were issued from October of 1868 until June, 1872, even though they sold the business in January of 1871. 5,452,710 were issued on old paper, and 1,009,100 on silk paper. The copy shown is on silk paper.

The New York Match Company bought out Bauer & Beudel in January of 1871 and had their own stamp printed in April of that year. However, they kept using the Bauer & Baudel stamps well into 1872. Their own stamps were printed through August, 1875. 1,026,270 were issued on old paper, and 22,780,410 on silk paper. This example is printed on silk paper.

A die proof of the New York Match Company stamp.