Ives Matches
P.T. Ives

The Ives match factory was located in Wallingford, Connecticut, very near a number of other match manufacturers. The first private die stamps issued for the company bore an eight cent denomination, good for double packages of 400 stamps. The reference they bear to Coe's Matches is unexplained. They were issued from March of 1865 until January 24, 1871. 860,400 were issued on old paper.

In 1867 the Ives Company began to use private die one-cent stamps. For some reason the design just said "Ives Matches," even though the eight-cent stamps had "P.T. Ives" on them. These stamps were issued from June 10, 1867 to August of 1875. 5,789,890 were printed on old paper and 4,256,910 on silk paper. This copy is on silk paper.

In 1875 a company located six miles away, E.R. Tyler, had its stamps changed to show the name Ives & Judd. Possibly as a reaction to this, Ives Matches revised its die to read "P.T. Ives." The revised stamps were supplied from January of 1876 through January 20, 1881. 8,489,943 were issued on silk, pink and watermarked papers. The example above is printed on silk paper.

Rouletted copies were printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.